Smartbac carpet backing used for Soul Elements carpet is made from 70% recycled PET plastic bottles. It also inhibits any mould or fungal growth where you can’t see it for total peace of mind.

Zen Garden Temple | Solution Dyed Nylon | $$$


A carpet for the truly discerning - designer looks, superior durability with the feeling of complete luxury underfoot. Leah McLeod from The Home Team talked with us about the carpet journey, and what a wonderful result if we do say so ourself!

Zen Garden has a very soft feel yet is very strong. So this will work perfectly in walkways, on stairs, and busier areas of the home. It is also Solution Dyed.

Leah: “Solution dyed - so what does that mean?”

Solution dyed is essentially where the colour goes right the way through, not just on the outside of the fibre. So in a room thats exposed to a lot of natural light it will hold its colour for a long period of time.

Light plays a huge part in how your carpet will ultimately look. As part of our service, we encourage customers to take samples home and view them at various stages throughout the day, to gauge a true indication of colour.

A carpet for the truly discerning - Zen Garden carpet features designer looks, superior durability with the feeling of complete luxury underfoot. Zen Garden in this room has finished the room off, adding depth, warmth and texture.

Featured in Soul Elements carpets, Odourban® is an environmentally friendly carpet treatment specially formulated to destroy all common household odours, pet odours, even cigarette smoke. Odourban® is not a deodorant that masks odour but instead is a breakthrough technology that chemically absorbs and decomposes gases from the source of the odour over a period of time. Odourban® is self-renewing, and will withstand numerous cleanings and excessive abrasion while still maintaining it’s odour destroying abilities, lasting for the lifetime of your carpet. Look out for the logo on featured carpets.


Nothing beats getting out of bed and sinking your feet into carpet, especially in the cooler months! Finding bedlinen to work with your carpet is part of a bigger interior design scheme, so you need to consider paint colour, style of interior (contemporary, classic, boho, luxe etc.) and the practicality of climate and comfort. The best way to create a beautiful bed if you’re unsure is to start with a neutral base (white/grey/bone for example) and play with patterns, colours and texture with throws, European pillowcases and cushions like in this room. Then you can invest in quality sheets and covers without needing to change them with moving trends.

Soft.e | Polyester | $$$

Lunaris | 30z | $

Midnight Air | 40oz | $$

Dream Catcher | 60oz | $$$

Soft.e carpets provide the softest of feeling underfoot while being

exceptionally hard wearing against everyday wear and tear. Select from a broad range of colours across the trend-driven spectrum from warm neutrals to modern greys. A perfect addition to any family home with its easy to maintain construction and up to 25-year residential wear warranty.

Pure Balance Spirit | Solution Dyed Nylon | $$$

This wonderfully soft range of carpets is the perfect balance of durability and luxury. Pure Balance offers a designer colour palette to make your home the envy of many.

Zen Garden Green Tea | Solution Dyed Nylon | $$$

Zen Garden allows you to have it all - designer looks and superior durability with the feeling of complete luxury underfoot. Suitable for a home with natural light, Zen Garden features fibre technology which resists odours and is perfect for indoor pets and children’s rooms.

Earth Shine Shadow | Nylon Carpet | $$$

Now you can enjoy the feel of satin under your feet with this

resilient, yet soft and trendy carpet that has to be felt to be believed!

With an elegant finish, this European made carpet provides a quality

look with a luxurious feel.fff

Corkwood Gravel | Solution Dyed Nylon | $$

With built in features and benefits like stain resistance, superior

appearance retention and a range of contemporary colours,

Corkwood will complete any room with zest and style.fff


Our team of experts give great in-home advice, at a time that suits you. Choose a time that works for you and our team will help you out with a no obligation measure & quote.

Sanctuary Fall Plantation | Solution Dyed Nylon | $$

This family friendly flooring is hard wearing and super easy to maintain. Sanctuary Falls also has the added protection of Odourban® - an environmentally friendly carpet treatment specially formulated to destroy all common household odours and will withstand numerous cleaning and continue to keep your carpet fresh against household smells.

Christella Oxley | Solution Dyed Nylon | $$

Christella is perfect for those who love the subtle finish of a twist pile but without the footprints. This fine gauge SDN Loop Pile provides durability with subtle highlights creating an elegant look on your floor.

ECO+ | Triexta

Corfu | 34oz | $$

Agean Isle | 45oz | $$$

The renewably sourced DuPont™ Sorona® polymer in Eco+ carpet is made from 37% corn sugar and inherently blocks spills from penetrating the fibre. Spills sit outside of the fibre, where they can be easily washed away with just cold water. 40 colours available.


There is an unspoken rule in Australian homes to only use neutral coloured carpets- why is this? If you’re feeling brave, choose a coloured carpet like this gorgeous blue design. Blue sits back beautifully with crisp white walls, black and tan furniture as seen here. Your home will certainly not be like anyone else’s you know!

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