“Our goal was to create an atmosphere that you want to relax in. We chose a Scandi theme rich in greys and blues and this was balanced against the beautiful engineered Blackbutt timber.”


Gina from the Canberra-based Style Curator has been on our radar for some time now and we are avid readers of her informative and stylish blog. Recently she worked on a project close to home, with her Partnership Manager, Bonnie. Bonnie purchased a townhouse in an excellent location in the inner south of Canberra which Gina described as being “Brown, dated, pokey, dark and featuring a patchwork of finishes.” Along with the kitchen being replaced with something far more functional, the dated materials such as brown carpet were ripped up and replaced with our Soul Elements Forest Retreat ‘Blackbutt’ engineered boards. A neutral palette was devised to allow for a modern family home. Whites and greys are punctuated with the warmth of timber notes throughout.

“The new flooring made all the difference. It feels bigger and more modern while being easier to maintain with Bonnie’s beloved dog. It’s also set the Scandinavian style for the rest of the home.” The considered and planned approach to home renovation is Gina’s recommendation. “Very few people have the means to renovate all in one go, to the standard that they really want to. I always say that you can’t do everything at once, it’s better to have a clear overall vision of what you want and create a plan. I see a lot of people compromising on important areas of the home, like the kitchen for example. Work out your priorities.” This is also Gina’s recommendation for the flooring too.

“We selected something from the higher price bracket, but you can tell as soon as you see it. It looks good and the quality is high, it’s easy to maintain and it can be restored down the track if there’s any damage. It’s an investment.” From the range Soul Elements, Forest Retreat is available in both Australian Species and Oak finishes, and regular or wide boards. You can follow Style Curator’s journey on Instagram @stylecuratorau.


Don’t become too concerned about matching timbers when you’re adding furniture to a room with timber or timber-look flooring. Contrasting finishes or combining different stains and types of timbers add to the character of a space - embrace the beauty of all the variations!

Silva Ridge Aust Species Byron Bay Spotted Gum

Timber | $$$

The true beauty of an Australian timber hardwood floor is what Silva Ridge delivers. Warmth and natural beauty, complete with a superior protective coating for added durability. Also available in Oak.

Vineyard Oak Great Western

Timber | $$$

Feel the warmth of Natural Oak timber under your feet with this stunning range of Oak timbers - available in both standard board width and a stunning wide board format. A true statement on your floor

Shambhala Bamboo Latte

Timber | $$$$

Highly durable product, high performance coating system to minimise maintenance. Sourced from dedicated plantations making it a renewable material.

Quick-Step 2 strip Spotted Gum | Timber | $$$$

Real wood is luxury underfoot. It is authentic and suits period through to contemporary homes. Bring the warmth and characteristics of Australiana into your interior - the look of iconic Australian species timber flooring is totally unique and unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Quick-Step 1 strip Blackbutt | Timber | $$$

Bring the warmth and character of Australiana into your home. Whether it is the stark feature of Blackbutt (seen here) or the rich variation of Spotted Gum, these beautiful timbers carry the Quick-Step lifetime structural warranty for total peace of mind. Available in high sheen gloss or matte finish.


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