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The Fifth Wall

Your 108 pages of style and design inspiration in an interactive and easy to read format.

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We are here to service your every need when it comes to flooring, carpet, and blinds.

Flooring is often an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be, you could be living on it for years! Selecting the right flooring can be tricky and overwhelming, but we’re here to make the decision (and your life!) easier. It’s all part of our Fabulous Flooring Experience!

Whether you are sourcing new flooring for renovating your home or you are building your dream home, we can help you find a flooring solution that is the perfect balance between usability and durability, at an affordable price.

At Flooring Xtra we provide a complete service that makes your new flooring project hassle-free. It’s all part of our Fabulous Flooring Experience! We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, so relax while our experts install your carpet or flooring.

Carpet | $$$

1. We Inspire

When it comes to choosing colours for your home there are many things to consider. How much colour is enough? Where do you start? What colour scheme won’t date quickly and will seem current in five or ten years? These are some of the questions you will no doubt be thinking. The colour of your flooring is such a big component of your overall design and it pays to thoroughly consider your selections.

2. We Measure

No project disrupts your daily household routine more than installing new flooring. So just as important as selecting the right product in the right shade, is selecting a safe set of hands to install your flooring right, first time.

3. We Install

So why not leave the installation of flooring to the experts? With years of experience under their belt, the Flooring Xtra installation teams are efficient, professional and know their floors through and through. Benefits of a professional installer are numerous, but consider at the very least the time you will save and the peace of mind knowing that someone who installs flooring every day has just laid yours! For further piece of mind for our clients, we offer a Lifetime Installation Warranty.

Are you unsure of what the flooring will cost, head to our Setting a Budget page on our website. Here, find a floorplan here that best matches your home or space you’re requiring new flooring in. This will give you an idea of how much you’ll need to spend to put carpet or flooring in your home. Of course you can spend less or more than these amounts and still have a quality product installed, this is just a guide for you to get an idea of costs. If you would like to know exactly how much your new flooring will cost, please ask your local Flooring Xtra store for a Free measure and quote.

While every effort has been made to capture correct colours and textures in the pictures, we cannot promise that images will be an exact match to the flooring and therefore state that images are for illustrative purposes only. Please view a physical sample before choosing your new floor to avoid any surprises. Not all products are available in all stores and are current at the time of printing.